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Visualize and manipulate multi-level categorized properties with VLPropertyLIst control. It provides a compact, easy to use visual interface for editing a variety of data types including text, number, date, font, color, file name, folder, value lists etc. Offers complete customizability colors, font and text of various UI elements. It has extremely simple programming interface for populating COM object properties or browsing an ADO recordset.

Publisher description

VLPropertyList offers a very elegant and intuitive mechanism to visualize and manipulate a set of property-value pairs. Ideally suited to load, display and modify properties of COM objects. You can use it to display and manipulate any set of properties and values. The properties can be categorized as per your requirements. Multi-level categorization and dual views (flat as well as hierarchical) are supported. You can also use it to provide an easy to use ADO recordset browsing UI with absolutely minimal code. Built-in editors supported by the control include text, number, boolean, drop-down list, color picker, font selection, file selection folder selection and date pickers. It even allows you to add your own in-place or dialog based custom value editors. By default the control automatically matches the color scheme as per the desktop settings. On the other hand, it offer complete customization of the appearance, including color, font and the text appearing on various UI elements. VLPropertyList's event structure allows you to incorporate custom validations and custom sorting (extremely useful if you are displaying non-English data). The package includes detailed on-line documentation and sample program demonstrating the features and capabilities of the control. VLPropertyList control is as easy for your customers to use as it is for you to configure and program, we do believe this is a wonderful product, but hey, don't take our word for it, download and try it out for yourself.

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